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Sixth Generation

52. Thomas Beverly MELTON was born about 1769 in Orange County, North Carolina.8 He died in 1840 in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas.8 Note: Kathi indicated that she believes Thomas died either in Alabama or perhaps enroute to Texas with the rest of the family. Anna Melton received a land grant from the Republic of Texas. Records indicate that she arrived in Texas 14 December 1839 and applied for land 28 December 1839. It is very unlikely that Anna as a married person would have filed for land in her own name. These dates would fall into the correct timeline following Thomas' dismissal by letter from the Cahaba Baptist Church.

From Kim Stichler: Thomas Melton was living in Lincoln County, Tennessee in 1820. He migrated toAlabama about 1821. He entered land in Clay, Alabama in 1824.
Thomas and Annjoined the Cahaba Baptist Church ( later became First Baptist Church of Trussville) in December 1835, along with Synthanetta. In November of 1836 Thomas was excluded from the church for a violation of God's law and civil authorities by beating a woman and refusing to submit to the laws of our land.
In January of 1838 Sisters Ann and Synthanetta Melton were dismissed by letter. In February1839 Thomas Melton was restored and dismissed by letter.
Thomas Beverly MELTON and Sarah Anna GUNNING were married on 8 May 1806 in Washington County, Virginia. They appeared in the census in 1820 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. From: "Melton, Will" <wmelton@jaguar.middlebury.edu>

1820 Census
Page 28

Thomas Melton
3m -10; 1m 10 to 15; 1m 26 to 45
1f -10; 1f 10 to 15; 1f 26 to 45

53. Sarah Anna GUNNING was born on 10 Jul 1789 in Virginia.8 She appeared in the census in 1850 in Rusk County, Texas. Shown living with her daughter, Nancy, and her new family. She died on 27 May 1868 in Texas.8 Note: George Washington Eaton, grandson of Anna and Thomas Melton, stated in his memiors that his mother's (Cincinatta Caroline) mother was a beautiful old woman, fair skinned with blue eyes.

BIOGRAPHY: From: User714694@aol.com
Katherine Melton O'Neal

BIOGRAPHY: Wife, Anna Melton arrived in Texas December 1839, applied for and received a
Land Grant from the Republic of Texas as did her son, George Washington. I
believe that Thomas died just prior to the rest of the family making the trip
to Texas. In February 1839 he was dismissed and restored at Cahaba Baptist
Church by letter. Placing him in Alabama at that time. All the children
moved to Texas with the exception of Agatha, Thomas Allison, James Madison. Children were:


Annie MELTON was born on 2 May 1807 in Georgia. She died on 29 May 1850.


Agatha G MELTON was born in 1810 in Virginia.8


Thomas Allison MELTON was born in 1814 in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He died in Argo, St Clair County, Alabama. He was buried in Central Baptist Cemetery, Argo, St. Clair County, Alabama. BIOGRAPHY: From: "Melton, Will" <wmelton@jaguar.middlebury.edu>:

Thomas Allison Melton was born in Lincoln County, Tennessee. He was
five feet ten inches tall, with fair complection, black eyes , and black
hair. It was said that he was loved and highly respected by all. Along
with his wife Frances Frazier he raised four sons and two daughters.

BIOGRAPHY: Thomas was a farmer. He received land in Jefferson County, Alabama from
the U. S. Government in 1856. He acquired all NW 1/4 of Section 10 in
the Trussville area , located in township 16, Range 1 East.

BIOGRAPHY: On June 4, 1861, Thomas joined the Confederate Army along with one of
his son, Lewis M. Melton. They were included in the first muster of
Company B, Tenth Regiment Alabama Infantry.

BIOGRAPHY: In November of 1861 Thomas was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital, No. 2,
in Richmond, Virginia suffering from Lumbago. He was transferred to
Huguenot Springs December 10, 1861 where he was diagnosed with chronic

BIOGRAPHY: Thomas was discharged from the army at Lewis House, Virginia on January
30, 1862 because of inflammation of the kidneys and rheumatism. He was
48 years old at that time.

BIOGRAPHY: On February 1863, prior to his eighteenth birthday of March fifteenth,
another son James Madison Melton joined Company D, Nineth Battallion (
later reorganized Company H, 32 and 58 Consolidated Alabama Regiment )

BIOGRAPHY: In May 1879 Thomas and Frances Melton were received by letter into the
Cahaba Baptist Church.


James Madison MELTON was born in 1816 in Lincoln County, Tennessee.8 He died about 1893 in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas.8


Jane MELTON was born in 1817.8


Philip MELTON was born about 1820.8


George Washington MELTON Sr was born on 20 Jan 1821 in MS (family)/AL(census).9 He died on 9 Aug 1881 in Rains County, Texas.9 He was buried in Pilgrim Rest Cemetery #1, Rains County, Texas.9 BIOGRAPHY: His farm had the distinction of having the first coal-mine shaft sunk on it in Rains County, TX by the Rev. Reed in the early nineteen-twenties, while his grandson Oliver Holmes Melton lived there. -History of Rains County.

BIOGRAPHY: Oliver thought George and Jep were step-brothers and cousins, whereas Jep's relatives knew only they were brothers. -History of Rains County.

Lived in Nacogdoches Co, Tx.at some point.

Occupation: Farmer

Census: The 1870 census lists George with 6 children of his own plus Mary, infant daughter of Jeptha Melton whose mother had died that January. Again in 1880, George and Elizabeth have their "niece Mary" in their home. -History of Rains County


Cincinnatta Caroline "Cynthia" MELTON was born on 29 Nov 1825 in Alabama.8 She died on 27 Apr 1882 in Cooweescoowee District, Indian Territory. BIOGRAPHY: From: "Melton, Will" <wmelton@jaguar.middlebury.edu>

BIOGRAPHY: In December 1835 Cincinnatta "Synthanetta" joined the Cahaba Baptist
Church (later name changed to First Baptist Church of Trussville). In
January of 1838 she was dismissed by letter.

BIOGRAPHY: Cincinnatta Melton was received by letter in November 1841 into the Old
North Church in Nacogdoches County, Texas along with Mr. Melton. She
did not like the name Cincinnatta so she changed it to Cynthia.


Nancy MELTON was born on 27 Jun 1828 in Alabama. She died on 17 Nov 1878 in Kaufman County, Texas.



Jeptha L T? MELTON.